Wisconsin Teaching Salaries and Benefits

People often believe that teachers don't make a lot of money. Those in the know, though, are aware that compensation in the education industry can be quite generous, especially when you factor in the great vacation schedule and the comprehensive benefits packages that usually go along with teaching. In Wisconsin, starting teacher salaries averaged $33,546 in 2013, according to the National Education Association, with most school districts offering benefits that range from health insurance to retirement plans. (1)

The average Wisconsin teacher salary does vary, however. One major source of salary variation is what grade level you teach. Geographic location is another significant reason for variation in Wisconsin teaching salaries. Areas that have a higher cost of living often pay correspondingly higher salaries.

Here are average annual starting teacher salaries from the National Education Association, 2013, and median annual teacher salaries by grade level, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Type of Teacher Average or Median Annual Salary
Starting Teacher (Average) $33,546
Kindergarten Teacher (Median) $53,500
Elementary School Teacher (Median) $56,370
Middle School Teacher (Median) $54,390
High School Teacher (Median) $53,650
Substitute Teacher (Median) $28,140

However, the greatest benefit to becoming an educator has nothing to do with Wisconsin teaching salaries. At the end of the day, the intrinsic rewards of helping children learn and shaping their knowledge for the future are arguably far more satisfying.

If you're thinking of becoming a teacher in Wisconsin, find the education degree that's right for you, and start your future today!

(1) Milwaukee Public Schools