Virginia Teaching Salary and Benefit Information

If you're thinking about becoming a teacher in Virginia, you may be curious about the kind of Virginia teaching salary you can make. As the slogan goes, Virginia is for lovers—but as far as salary goes, Virginia is also for teachers, with the average teacher salary reaching over $3,000 higher than the average statewide salary.*

Salaries aren't the only reward for becoming a Virginia teacher. The perks of the job are also attractive, making up for the hours spent grading homework assignments and focusing your students on the tasks at hand. Teachers in Virginia Beach, for instance, receive a generous package that includes health and dental plan options, a state retirement plan, sick leave, credit union membership and other benefits.**

That's not the whole story, though, when it comes to your Virginia teaching salary. Factors such as how much experience or education you have can affect how much you make. In some public school districts like Virginia Beach, teachers with a master's degree or doctorate earn an additional annual stipend.**

Virginia teacher salaries also vary depending on what grade level you teach, as well as geographic location, especially in a state like Virginia, which includes both rural communities and cosmopolitan, Washington, D.C.-area cities.

Here are average annual starting teacher salaries from the National Education Association, 2013, and median annual teacher salaries by grade level, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Type of Teacher Average or Median Annual Salary
Starting Teacher (Average) $37,848
Kindergarten Teacher (Median) $54,050
Elementary School Teacher (Median) $54,810
Middle School Teacher (Median) $54,580
High School Teacher (Median) $55,480
Substitute Teacher (Median) $25,390

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* Virginia Workforce Connection
** Virginia Beach City Public Schools