Oregon Teacher Salary Information

Oregon Teaching Salaries have been in the upper 25th percentile for many years. When combined with the cost of living, Oregon teacher's salaries would likely rise much closer to the top.

When deciding where to begin a career as a teacher, it is important to take into consideration such benefits as compensation for more than merely material reasons. States who take care of their educators consistently well are states that are competent in managing their budget and also have leaders who recognize security for tomorrow begins in today's classroom.

One example of Oregon's devotion to proper state maintenance is the "Common School Fund". The following is from a Oregon Department of Education:

"Salem - The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) distributed $24,273,300 in earnings from the Common School Fund to Oregon’s 198 K-12 public school districts.

“Common School Funds make a difference for Oregon’s school districts. Every dollar helps in the effort to ensure that all students in Oregon are successful,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo.

As, a teacher, statements and fund distributions of this kind are the only real security a teacher has for estimating the future of the teacher's salary potential. Below are a list of Oregon Teaching Salaries from three separate Oregon School Districts. When examining the Oregon's teacher compensation, remember to factor in such benefits as healthcare, dental coverage and a 10 month working years into the equation.

You can also greatly increase your earning potential as an Oregon Teacher if you acquire an advanced degree such as a Master's degree or a Doctorate degree.

Here are average annual starting teacher salaries from the National Education Association, 2013, and median annual teacher salaries by grade level, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Type of Teacher Average or Median Annual Salary
Starting Teacher (Average) $33,549
Preschool Teacher (Median) $23,170
Kindergarten Teacher (Median) $52,000
Elementary School Teacher (Median) $55,880
Middle School Teacher (Median) $55,380
High School Teacher (Median) $55,350

When viewing these numbers, keep in consideration such benefits as full dental, long-term disability and quality health insurance. Secondly, these are salaries based on a 182-day or 10-month work year. We encourage you to explore what each school district has to offer you, take into consideration the area in which you wish to live and do the math to see if you will be satisfied. Good luck!