Arizona Teacher Salary Information

The National Education Association reported that Arizona teacher salaries were over 11 percent higher than salaries for the education sector as a whole, and almost 15 percent higher than the overall mean wage in Arizona.*

Teaching is a profession with intrinsic rewards, such as educating tomorrow's workforce and instilling a love of learning in our nation's children. But the benefits aren't bad, either. Beyond Arizona teaching salaries, educators receive a retirement plan, several medical and dental insurance options, local business discounts, and credit union membership, just to name a few of the perks of being a teacher. ** And don't forget those long summer vacations!

Let's take a closer look at Arizona teacher salaries. The overall average salary gives a good broad picture, but individual salaries will vary widely depending on how long you've been teaching, whether you teach at a public or private school, and the level of education you have. Teachers with a master's degree, for instance, may be eligible for higher pay.

Other factors affecting Arizona teacher salaries include what grade level you teach—early childhood, primary, or secondary—and where you teach. Here are average annual starting teacher salaries from the National Education Association, 2013 and teacher salaries by grade level, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Type of Teacher Average or Median Annual Salary
Starting Teacher (Average) $31,874
Kindergarten Teacher (Median) $40,730
Elementary School Teacher (Median) $40,690
Middle School Teacher (Median) $41,450
High School Teacher (Median) $41,850
Substitute Teacher (Median) $25,060

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* Arizona Department of Commerce, Workforce Informer
** Arizona Department of Education
*** U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics