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The Christmas Spirit: One Last Story

Okay, I know I said I was done with my stories about the Christmas spirit, and I was until I saw this video from CNN News on another young child who is giving back in an amazing way.

This is the story of Riley Norris from South Carolina, who is a 9-year old with an inspirational story. When Riley was only three months old she had to have emergency open-heart surgery. She recovered and appears very healthy today. Her mother, Leslie Norris, reports that Riley announced to her recently on the way to school that she had a good idea; she would like to gather up all of the birthday gifts she had received this year and deliver them to patients in the hospital where she had been operated on herself.

And that is exactly what they did. With the help of her parents, they returned to MUSC Children’s Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina, with a big, red bag filled with gifts to pass out to the young patients who were there. Riley’s wish was to give her presents specifically to children who had the same type of surgery she had had as a baby.

Her parents, Leslie and Lance, expressed their pride in Riley’s desire to give back to needy children. Leslie said she knew her daughter was special, but was still amazed at her generosity. She remarked that as parents, it is what you would want to see your child do. And Lance expressed his pride and also his happiness over just how far she has come since she was a three-month old baby with a serious heart condition. He recalls that the girl whose life was at one point in jeopardy is now thriving and giving back.

What a little miracle! Our hearts can’t help but expand as we hear about this little girl whose once damaged heart is now so full of love for others.

Thank you for allowing me to share these beautiful stories with you. God bless Jessica, the Garrick family, Justin, and Riley for expanding our hearts a little more this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to you and my heartfelt wish for a hopeful, joyful, and truly generous New Year.