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The Christmas Spirit: Justin’s Bears

Well, I have saved the best for last. Let me tell you another story from CBS News about an eight-year old that hopefully will warm your heart as much as he has mine.

Justin Martin, from Newark, NJ, received a Build-a-Bear bear three years ago and couldn’t help but wonder if every child in the world had a bear like his. When his father, Quin told him that not all children did, Justin began to raise money to remedy the situation.

Not only did he raise the money to give away a thousand bears his first year to sick and needy children, he actually worked to build, dress, package, and deliver each bear he lovingly gave away. To date, he has given away 2,000 bears to children in his community. When he was asked what felt better; the presents he received at Christmas or the ones he gave away, he quickly responded, “The bears that I give. I don’t know why.”

Though what he does is clearly a labor of love, it is a very challenging project. Aside from the hard work it takes to make each bear at a local Build-a-Bear workshop which provides his bears at a discount, he has to raise $25,000 each year to meet his goal. Can you imagine an eight-year old working to raise such a large amount of money annually?

Quin says of his son: “Whatever he does he just has a big heart, he goes at it very, very hard.”

And Justin told reporters, “It’s fun yeah to go around and give bears to less fortunate children,” Thank you, Justin, for teaching us the true meaning of Christmas this year, and keep up the good work!

(If you are interested in helping this young man, you can find out more information at Justin Charity Bear Fund.)