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Better Snow Days Ahead

I wrote a blog recently about the ridiculous changes that were made in Ohio by our current governor, Ted Strickland, to reduce our snow days this year to three and next year to zero calamity days. Well, good news…

Our governor-elect, Republican John Kasich, told a local newspaper that when he takes office, he wants to go back to five calamity days a year based on the fact that Ohio is clearly a state which receives its fair share of snowy weather. And what helped influence his desire to change this policy? Wouldn’t you know it took his 10-year old daughter, Reese, to bring up the obvious; three snow days are unreasonable. Her opinion was reinforced to him by other children and their parents who felt that this policy was just wrong.

Thank you in advance, Governor Kasich, first, for being willing to listen to your constituency and second, for having the intelligence to reject a bad policy and the wherewithal to want to improve it.