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Birthday Highlights Cause Big to “Do” in Texas

Sometimes I think that schools, from administrators to teachers, take rules too seriously. Case in point: a young girl from Texas, who learned the hard way that you don’t always get what you wish for.

Stephanie Plato seems like a pretty normal sixth-grade girl who told her mother that she wanted red and blonde highlights in her hair for her 12th birthday. Little did she know when she got her wish it would be a little more than she bargained for. When she showed up to school to show off her new do, her reception wasn’t quite what she had imagined, as she was pulled out of her classroom at Cobb Elementary School, in Channelview, Texas, and her mother received a call by a school official asking her to pick her daughter up because her hair was a distraction to the other students.

Jessica Leyer, Stephanie’s mom, agreed that it was a “little brighter” than she had expected, but didn’t feel it was a distraction. “I don’t think that children are going to sit in class and not be able to concentrate on their school work because her hair is red,” Leyer told reporters.

But school officials would not back down, and, though they would not be interviewed, they pointed to the section of the ISD Channelville Student Code of Conduct which states that the school prohibits “inappropriate hair color…such as red”. Ouch! Any redheads offended right now?

Other parents who were interviewed thought the school should be concerned with bigger issues than hair color. And I have to agree. I had a student who had pink highlights in her hair. The students were interested initially, but after a few days, it was no big deal. But, I am sure those die-hard rule followers could not wait to flash the student code that would substantiate the decision to suspend her until her hair was its original color. And, okay, Leyer probably should have read the student code before she took Stephanie for the birthday highlight, but was there really no room for compromise here?

Apparently not, and Jessica did give in and took her daughter back for a new dye job to cover the old. And the most ironic part of this whole thing is that in order to cover the highlights, Stephanie’s hair color is now red all over. Watch the video. I think her new color is more distracting and more intense than the original highlights.

If you ask me, it’s all too much ado about a new do!