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Christmas Spirit: Jessica Bachus’s Story

Over the next three blogs, I am going to take a brief departure from educational issues to share three heart-warming stories about giving to others at Christmas. I hope these will lift your spirits this Christmas season as much as they did mine. This first story is one that was reported by CBS News about a remarkable woman who has found a truly inspirational way to deal with tragedy.

The Christmas of 2006, Jessica Bachus was celebrating being five months pregnant and excitedly awaiting the joys of the New Year. Unfortunately, one month later, her daughter Kenzi was stillborn. Imagine the pain this couple endured as a result of this tragic loss. But this resilient woman turned that grief into something beautiful. She decided that since she couldn’t give a doll to her daughter Kenzi, she would give dolls to other girls in the community who might otherwise go without.

Jessica calls her organization Dolls for Daughters, and through donations, she was able to give 150 dolls to less fortunate little girls in 2007, 500 dolls in 2008, and 1,100 in 2009. And this year, more than 4,000 toys were donated and passed out by several volunteers to needy children whose parents showed up five hours before the doors even opened. And a new twist was added this year with the addition of toys for boys.

What a gift of love, and what an amazing way to turn the tragedy of losing a child into the joyful gift of giving to others! As Jessica looks at the happiness she has spread to so many young children, she summarizes her gracious efforts by saying, “My angel Kenzi is here and she is helping all these families,”

What an amazing woman with a beautiful Christmas spirit!