Not Another Dreary Monday

What an awesome start to an otherwise drab Monday! Two of our fellow teachers got engaged to each other over the weekend, and the whole school celebrated.

Why is this such a big deal and worthy of a blog? First, engagements remind us of our own early relationships, the excitement of true love, and the happiness of planning our future with our soul mate. The emotions were palpable when we heard the great news. In fact, we were like a bunch of mothers and sisters sharing in their happiness. We felt proud of both of them, and so thrilled that two wonderful people who we all care for have found someone who shares their passions. We behaved strangely like a real family who only wanted the best for our members. And isn’t that what a school should be; a family? The camaraderie was contagious, and it lifted all of our spirits on an otherwise gloomy Monday morning.

Second, there is always some degree of stress in this planning time as couples must pick a day that works for both families, decide on the number of guests, where the festivities will be held, yada, yada, yada… On top of all of this, you have decisions to make regarding where you will live and how you will blend your “things”. But this couple has the added pressure of going through this process in front of all of their peers and their students as well. They have been very careful not to let their students know they were dating up until now. All of that has changed as students will not only know they are dating but are getting married soon. This may be a little uncomfortable for a couple who does not want to be the subject of talk and speculation from their students. Having been in a relationship that began at work, I know how difficult it can be when students feel they can become too involved in your personal relationships.

I wish only the best for these two wonderful people, and am so hopeful that the public quality of their relationship does not become intimidating. I know that we all mean well in our support of this couple. Let them always feel our familial happiness for their upcoming marriage, and may their students practice some restraint in both their comments and involvement. And thank you for the romance you brought back into all of our hearts today.

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