Steps to becoming a teacher in Alabama:

  • Step 1:
    You must have a college degree to become a teacher in any field. Gather information from accredited schools of education.

  • Step 2:
    After completing the most important step, now it is time to take care of details. In order to be accepted into the best schools while also looking attractive to future employers, it is important to immerse yourself into your community by volunteering in non-profit, community building organizations in your town or city. Request applications to some of these organizations:

  • Step 3:
    You now have the ball rolling. The last step is to constantly be aware of your own career desires. Regularly assess your feelings toward becoming a teacher. Teaching is a difficult profession and requires a large commitment. If you are not sure, there are other college programs that will allow you to take steps toward becoming a teacher, but are less committing. Kaplan University has a two year program for people wishing to become a paraprofessional. This is a great intermediate step on your way toward becoming a teacher.

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