Teaching as a Second Career

Second career teachers are often some of the best teachers in the field. Bringing their real-life experience and an outside perspective, they often have an enthusiasm that truly motivates their students and inspires other teachers. If you have been working in another field and think there's more to life than just a paycheck, you should think about teaching as a second career.

Whether you come from the business world, physics, technology or any number of other specialties, you can find great jobs in teaching as a second career. Follow your passion by teaching students the ins and outs of your former career, while instilling them with your love of learning. From elementary teachers to adult education instructors, the education industry is looking for qualified, passionate teachers to go into teaching as a second career.

Go Into Teaching as a Second Career

Whether as a first-career teacher or as a career changer, all teachers need to satisfy teacher certification requirements in their state. While this often means going back to school to get some education credits, many states have special certification processes for teaching as a second career that can expedite the process and help you become a teacher sooner than you think.

Alternative Certification

Almost all states offer alternative teacher certification programs for people who already have bachelor's degrees, but lack certain required courses for certification. Requirements vary by state, but often include an accelerated post-baccalaureate program, student teaching and the successful completion of content-knowledge tests or interviews. So if you come from another field and think you'd like to teach, pursuing alternative certification can be a quick way to start teaching as a second career.

Provisional Certification

In some states, career changers can pursue a provisional teacher's license, which allows second career teachers to begin teaching immediately. After completing required education courses and working under the initial supervision of experienced educators, you can receive full teaching credentials. Other states offer programs that allow college graduates who do not meet licensure requirements to take only those courses they lack to become licensed teachers. If you already have a bachelor's degree, it may take only one or two semesters to complete this certification option.

Emergency Teaching Credentials

Because of teacher shortages in some locations and subject matters, many states are offering temporary emergency licenses to prospective teachers who have a bachelor's degree. Emergency teacher certification can help you get useful teaching experience that will help you determine if teaching is the right second career choice for you.

Transition from the Military Into Teaching as a Second Career

Retired military personnel can obtain the education and credentials they need to become teachers through the Troops to Teachers program, sponsored by the Department of Defense. And since the Post 9/11 GI Bill went into effect in August of 2009, more veterans are opting to go back to school when they return to civilian life. Now's a great time for veterans to consider teaching as a second career.

Some Other Ways You Can Enter the Teaching Profession

Many states will pay for your teacher education in order to recruit teachers. This isn't absolutely free, however. In exchange, you must commit to teaching in an inner-city school that is experiencing a teacher shortage. Check with your state's department of education for details.

The Teach for America program also finds teaching jobs for college graduates in high-need urban and rural public schools. Teach for America is looking for prospective teachers in math, science and bilingual education, and is especially interested in recruiting people of color. For more information, contact Teach for America to learn how to take advantage of this great program.

Pursue Teaching as a Second Career Online

If you have a busy life but would still like to go into teaching as a second career, you still have plenty of opportunities to get your teaching degree online. As online schools become more popular, you can now complete a bachelor's or master's degree in teacher education at excellent schools from the comfort of your own home. And if you need to continue working while finishing your classwork or certification requirements, an online program might be just the thing for you.

Many high-quality people go into teaching as a second career. If you think you might be interested in this career move, get all the information you can about the best teacher education schools and request more information today.

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