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Teachers help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in our increasingly interconnected world. Not only must teachers master their subject matter, they must also be able to present material in such a way that students actually learn it. Teaching degrees offer knowledge- and practice-based education to prepare you for the classroom. Start your teaching career with the confidence you need to have a lasting impact on your students' lives.

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Kaplan University Teacher Education The Kaplan University Graduate School of Education provides current teachers and administrators with Master's degree programs geared toward professional advancement. What makes Kaplan University unique is the emphasis on teaching students how to absorb and apply knowledge that will be meaningful in their professional life. Kaplan's School of Education offers Master's degrees in Teaching and Learning, Teaching with Technology, Teaching Students with Special Needs, Teaching K-12 in Mathematics, Language & Lilteracy, Science and Social Studies. Request information that can change your future now.
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Teacher Education Information At Capella's School of Education, students have the ability to do what few can in traditional campus-based colleges. Future and current teachers and administrators are able to make connections with working professionals who are serious about learning and advancing their own careers. Graduates of Capella University gain expertise in subject matter, research proficiency, data-driven decision making, systems thinking, effective communication, technology application and collaborative leadership. If you are serious about advancing your career, learn more about Capella's bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in the School of Education.
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Teacher Education Information American InterContinental University is host to a complete School of Education. AIU offers multiple Masters of Ed. programs which are all heavily focused on industry-current education and technology application. With AIU's curriculum, it is possible to earn your Master's degree in Education in as little as 10 months.
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"I decided to go to graduate school and earn my Master of Arts in Education because I am inspired by new knowledge. I feel in order to perform my job to the best of my ability, I need to keep up with current practices and trends in the field of education."
- Sara Marvez -- 6th grade science teacher

"Gaining my Masters degree has earned me respect from Administrators and colleagues. Also, my salary has benefited greatly. The cost of graduate school was paid off in only a couple years."
- Thomas Bjornson -- high school english teacher

"Postgraduate study was a personal goal of mine and completing my Masters degree has given me a great sense of personal satisfaction, it has also increased my efficiency in the classroom and my marketability in the job market."
- Janet O'Reilly -- 8th grade social studies teacher

"I found my online courses efficient and friendly. I had a desire to go to graduate school, but I didn't want to go through the nonsense of another undergraduate degree, bumping shoulders with students a third my age who have very little understanding of real life or the benefits of real knowledge. A friend recommended online education and I haven't looked back since.

At the age of 53, I love my job more than ever. I get so much satisfaction knowing that many of my students respect me for what I do as a teacher.

I am able to face any sort of situation that arises in my classroom with complete confidence."
- Jonathan Lloyd -- high school chemistry teacher

*Teacher Salary Information for 2014-2015

Median Elementary School Teacher Salary: $53,090 Median Middle School Teacher Salary: $53,430 Median High School Teacher Salary: $55,050 Average Administrator Salary: $87,760 Median Elementary, Middle and High School Principals: $87,760
On average, teachers with masters degrees will earn $8,000 to $10,000 more each year than those with only a bachelors degree.

Consequently, in order to attain a position as an administrator, a masters, PhD or Ed D. is required.

On average, Administrators will earn around $30,000 more each year than their hard working, teacher cohorts!

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook.